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So, are you wondering what coralpleasure.com is about? If you will let me bore you with some non-coral related text I will explain.
I have wanted to study corals most of my life and have been concerned about the conservation of our worlds reefs. I want to start a company that can educate, provide aquacultured coral for sale and trade, all while having open dialogue between friends. The name came fr
om two genius ladies having fun at my expense, all in love, on a Facebook post. Well, I must admit, I do have a deviant since of humor so when I saw cORALPLEASURE I had to have the name!! If you’re like me and have a cORALFIXATION you will love this start up business. Be patient as things grow slowly (just like coral) but don’t hesitate to suggest ideas and tell all your friends to “like” this page. Last but not least, remember to buy aquacultured coral!
All the best,
George Hanna
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